Beyond Deeds!

Give if you can, without expectations
Love if you can, without conditions
Live if you can, without regrets
Talk if you can, without negativity
Listen if you can, without judgement
Laugh if you can, without inhibitions
Think if you can, without boundaries
Know if you can, with realization
Dream if you can, with conviction
Appreciate, if you can, in all honesty
And certainly know that you can,
And that you surely will,
As soon as you WANT to.

Narmada Rao
[email protected]
  • parulthakur24
    Posted at 02:51h, 22 May Reply


  • Arul Subramaniam
    Posted at 12:45h, 27 May Reply

    wow..loved reading it!
    already read it a number of times…very profound!

  • vijaya
    Posted at 03:54h, 13 June Reply


  • anupamacsganti
    Posted at 06:04h, 20 June Reply

    very true , Narmada . well said

  • sahasrasblog
    Posted at 12:38h, 31 May Reply

    marvelous poem Narmada aunty!

  • Reena Nagesh Tripathi
    Posted at 21:34h, 31 August Reply

    Marvelous poem happy to read more

  • Shashikala Ananda
    Posted at 09:01h, 28 December Reply

    Very beautiful & positive words. All motivated sentences. God bless you madam.🙏

    • Narmada Rao
      Posted at 22:59h, 28 December Reply

      Thank you so much Ms.Shashikala 🙏

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